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Lavania Industries. is a family owned and operated business,started in 2001 We are a leading manufacturer of Roller and Dried Milk Powder , primarily used by premium Gulab Jamun manufacturers.

Why is roller/drum dried milk powder more functional than the alternatives?
The beneficial rheological effect observed for roller-dried milk powder in comparison with spray dried powder has been attributed to both the higher level of free fat and the large particle shape of the roller dried powder .

What is roller /drum dried milk powder ?
Dried milk may be considered the final stage in removal of the water from liquid milk .Before the development of the spray dryer ,milk was dried using double drum dryers ,sometimes called a roller dryers .Today ,because of the advances in large scale manufacturing plants ,the majority of milk powder is dried using the spray dried method.
In the roller /drum dried milk powder process ,pasteurized milk is applied to rotating ,steam heated drums .The water evaporates when the milk contacts the hot drum surface .the drum continues to rotate and after less than one full revolution ,a thin sheet of dried milk is removed from the drum by a scraper knife .The dried of milk powder is conveyed away from the drums using a screw auger and then moved to a hammer mill where the powder is broken into small particles .The powder particles consist of flakes of irregular ,angular shape with a wrinkled surface and rough edges .The roller dried particles are flakes without vacuoles ;no air cells are perceptible within the particles .The length and width of the flakes depend on the thickness of the film .The roller process creates a unique low density powder.

Approxi mately 90% of the milk fat is free as compared to 2-3% for spray dried .The net result of this Jgfdifference is that milk Gulab Jamun made from spray dried milk powder requires the use of 2-3% more ,expensive Ghee to maintain the headling properties during manufacturing and the mouth feel of the finished product .It is well known that confectionary manufacturers prefer the rheological benefits that roller dried powders can provide over spray dried powders .
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